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Sustainability Statement

Dtek Mechanical is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by working toward common goals to reduce CO2 emissions, energy use and eliminating water pollution and lowering consumption. We are focused on how our equipment and services impact the earth, and how we can support our customers’ sustainability goals. We believe that maintaining high environmental standards is more than a good business practice – it is a fundamental responsibility we owe to our employees, our customers, our communities and the environment we all share.

We work to be a valued community partner across the globe, supporting sustainable efforts in the energy, forestry and mining sectors. In Particular for 20 years our board member Jim Keylon has been a fierce supporter of the Tropical Forest Foundation, with a particular focus on reforestation. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to explore and provide new solutions. Dtek Mechanical’s commitment to a brighter future entails environmental stewardship that fuels economic growth through the support of eco-friendly infrastructure and energy development that provide solutions and raise the standard of living, support communities and protect the planet.

We are dedicated to this endeavor and work diligently to bring a clear vision into focus of a world in which people’s basic needs – such as shelter, clean water, a reliable clean source of energy – are fulfilled. Our strategy includes an efficient use of resources and recycling as we strive to achieve our vision. We believe that sustainable progress is made possible only by working with our eco-friendly partners to promote and execute environmentally responsible projects and with the development of policies in which all our business activities are governed.